Developing a makerspace as part of the atelier for a new music instrument can be an innovative and collaborative approach of instrument making. A makerspace can provide a creative and conducive environment for musicians, designers, engineers, and enthusiasts to collaborate, prototype, and refine ideas. Here's a business model for establishing a makerspace in conjunction with music instrument design:

The purpose of the makerspace is to foster innovation, collaboration, and experimentation in music instrument design, connecting makers with related practices and allowing crossovers of ideas and experiences.

Although the Knurl lab makerspace is still a private studio, anyone with any expertise level is welcome to visit in the open days on Fridays afternoon from 2024 on. The makerspace includes a scope of equipment and resources available, including prototyping tools, 3D printers, electronic components, musical instruments, and software. The makerspace includes:.

**Membership and Access Fees:**

   - Offer membership plans for individuals, teams, or organizations with different levels of access.

   - Provide hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly membership options to accommodate various needs.

   - Consider special rates for students, startups, or non-profit organizations.

**Training, internships and Consulation Programs:**

   - The makerspace provide training sessions on the use of equipment and tools within the makerspace.

   - A consulation program about instrument development design can be booked 

   - Additional fees are charged for the materials usage.

**Collaborative Spaces and Events:**

   - Designate collaborative spaces for teams to work together on projects.

   - Host events, workshops, and hackathons to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.


**Prototyping and Manufacturing Services:**

   - Offer in-house prototyping and small-batch manufacturing services for those who want to bring their designs to life.

   - Charge a fee for materials, machine usage, and expertise in the prototyping process.

**Partnerships and Sponsorships:**

   - Seek partnerships with music instrument manufacturers, universities, and technology companies to enhance resources and funding.

   - Allow sponsors to showcase their products or services within the makerspace in exchange for financial support or equipment donations.

**Online Platform for Project Collaboration:**

   - an online platform where members can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and access resources remotely.

   - a subscription fee for access to the online community and additional premium features.

**Membership Benefits and Loyalty Programs:**

   - Provide exclusive benefits to long-term members, such as discounted rates, priority access to equipment, or free workshops.

   - Establish a loyalty program that rewards members for their continued participation and contributions to the community.

By combining membership fees, training programs, collaborative spaces, and additional services, this business model aims to create a sustainable and dynamic ecosystem for music instrument design and development within the makerspace.