Each findings of Knurl lab research encounter its format and exposition by the development of artworks, performances and master productions. With other collaborators, Knurl becomes not only a music instrument but also a mediator between its purpose and message.

From 2022, a team composed of programmers, musicians, engineers and composers will support and collaborate with Rafaele by producing artworks, performances and master productions . The artistic projects brings different cultural practices together through combining music traditions with the future of music instruments, merging also recent discussions referring to globalization, sustainability and diversity.



This isn't a cello

Knurl quartet



Classic Trio

Hello world

Master production


immersive concert

What if sound could be physical? If all the waves we listen could not only be a phenomen but also physical form that would touch, hit and collide with objects, people and walls?

Physical sound is an immersive performance inviting the audience to understand sound as a physical force. This performance collaborates with Timo Hoogland, Adam Pultz, 3 cellists, Rafaele Andrade and Sabrina Verhage


solo concert

“This isn't a cello” is a response to the jury of Rafaele’s master presentation in 2022, reflecting the musicians’ inability to not fit into “one box”. This is a performative lecture demonstrating Knurl’s practice, highlighting its 4 aesthetic modes (synthesis, analogue, programming and recording) and its manipulation by potmeters, tasks , machine learning system or a counterpoint.


exposition, documentary, concert tour

Dead zones is a live performance made coincidentally with the documentary ‘Dead zones’, coordinated and directed by Suzette Bousema. In this performance, the composer, director and music performers collaborate during a whole year's production to create a live performance as part of the overarching multimedia project Dead zones by Suzette Bousema. The performance will be played by Rafaele Andrade and Caroline Groen, with visuals and narration by Suzette Bousema.


Space concert

In this collaboration, Rafaele Andrade and Ludmila Rodrigues will be developing a sonic game-performance to enhance the sensorial and emotional experience of visitors and local community of the monument Vort Vuren. The audience will be invited to take an active role during this site specific experience, which will be both indoor and outdoor. The work will create a dialogue with the architecture, its particular form, its acoustics, the surrounding body of water, as well as with the daylight, the fauna and flora of the place.