Imagine the interplay when multiple intelligent instruments converge — how does such a complex polyphonic instrument’s role shift within a music ensemble? Will it communicate among themselves or aid musicians in perceiving fellow performers' expressions?

 The Knurl quartet embarks on a journey of musical rediscovery, fostering a unique blend of sound and its movement. The group is composed by Katerina Papakostaki, Jan Willem Troost, Rafaele Andrade and Lucija Gregov.

This immersive experience culminates in a collaborative composition and embodied performance that intricately explores spatial dynamics, bodily connection, and the interwoven tapestry of Knurl players.Together, they breathe life into the future of intelligent musical expression.

We are happy to collaborate with makers, designers, composers, sound artists, musicians and artists . Stay tuned for our activties and open calls.

Supported by Gaudeamus, Fonds podium Kunsten  and instrument inventors initiative