Sound energy harvest

Sound energy harvest is a 2 years project of an ongoing research to connect a music instrument (Knurl) with new creative, tech and sustainable practices of production. We want to create a multimedia music performance between a cello and a contrabass based on the process of energy storage, reflecting about renewable energy sources.

During the year of 2022, a team composed of programmers, musicians, engineers and composers will enlarge the vision of Knurl, an interactive and electro acoustic cello, by exploring the concept of harvesting energy as a whole artistic and political concept. The project will also result in building a device for a cello or contrabass that could harvest energy from its own sound for its application. This device will be used in the whole tour season of 2022 in a music performance dedicated to this theme and other productions, unifying innovative practices into the application of sustainability in the music industry.


A composition for FAB (Feedback-Actuated Augmented Bass) and Knurl telling how much time and effort it takes to save a small amount of energy by storing energy through sound


Sound Energy Harvest is a practice that converts sounds into electrical energy for the digital/analogue application. This is possible through different technologies, e.g. electromagnetic induction or Piezoelectric fibres. Applying a Dickson multiplier circuit, it's possible to transform your musical instrument in a energy generator (for small devices) if it attends the necessary conditions:

  1. Your instrument can play louder than 80 dBs

  2. It can play a frequency note equivalent to the resonance frequency of your pickup mic

This application has not been stimulated that much due its results on a quantitative and time scale, such as solar or wind energy. However, new technologies and studies have been proving that it can be a solution to increase the efficiency of your predictive maintenance and condition monitoring systems by eliminating the need for batteries and cables, expensive power sources that should be a part of the past. Besides its dependency from long distance connections to renewable energy sources and suppliers.

The intention of this research isn’t only to stimulate this digital practice but also to experiment its concept of renewable energy sources as an artistic investigation and experience for its participants. The promotion of renewable energy in an artistic practice isn't only solving ambiental problems, but it also has the potential to integrate a community, allowing an active participation into their mutual / ethical problems. Besides transforming its art into an action of conscientization through culture and science. The project also counts with the direct participation of the audience into the music composition through a web platform and the production of artworks with this material.

The makers

  • Adam Pultz

  • Joe Grys

  • Rafaele Andrade

  • NIME eco club