This project is a collaboration between architecture, staging, interactive game design and sound composition. The sound composition is performed at Knurl, an electroacoustic and interactive 16 strings instrument


In this collaboration, Rafaele Andrade and Ludmila Rodrigues will be developing a sonic game-performance to enhance the sensorial and emotional experience of visitors and local community of the monument Vort Vuren. The audience will be invited to take an active role during this site specific experience, which will be both indoor and outdoor. The work will create a dialogue with the architecture, its particular form, its acoustics, the surrounding body of water, as well as with the daylight, the fauna and flora of the place. 

Normally at nature sites and monuments such as the Fort Vuren, visitors behave more like “tourists”: they may arrive, walk around, take pictures, sometimes have a refreshment and depart without establishing a deeper connection with the place. This project aims at enhancing the experience of visitors, inviting them to engage in a playful and active way. Different age groups will benefit from this format, since the installation could be exhibited for various days or weeks.  


During the game-performance, visitors will be encouraged to walk, sit, lay down, listen actively and consequently discover the character of the fort. A sound installation acts as an interface between space and performance, having a sound composition guiding the whole process. This game-performance is inspired by the notion of LARP “Live Action Role Play", where the participants follow a tongue-in-cheek script, to explore the space actively and spend valuable time with each other. They will not only discover the fort, but also live a rich sensory experience by allowing themselves to feel new sensations and connections with the place.