Dead zones

Dead zones is a live performance made coincidentally with the documentary ‘Dead zones’, coordinated and directed by Suzette Bousema. In this performance, the composer, director and music performers collaborate during a whole year's production to create a live performance as part of the overarching multimedia project Dead zones by Suzette Bousema. The performance will be played by Rafaele Andrade and Caroline Groen, with visuals and narration by Suzette Bousema. In this project, we want to combine different outcomes and art forms by merging theater, visual art, science, music and film.


The creative process is part of the multimedia project and documentary, which serve as a starting point for discussions. It involves the research of sustainable practices and actions into music and theatrical production. Previously, Rafaele has been designing her own instrument (KNURL) with recycled plastic collected from the BENELUX ocean area and intends to continue this research exploring sustainable practices in collaboration with the artistic practice of Suzette. Next to the performance, Suzette will also create artworks, using seaweed, photography and installation. Rafaele will create a special soundtrack for the film and an album with the whole material. 

Reference: Aart


In the multimedia project, which includes the documentary and performance, the alarming issues will be presented of huge algae blooms in many coastal areas as a result of man-made water pollution of fertilizers that have been used in agriculture. Because of its imbalance,  these ecosystems are low in oxygen and therefore marine life is not possible, except for algae and bacteria; these are so-called ‘Dead zones’. For the documentary Suzette has already done extensive research in collaboration with scientists of NIOZ and together with Rafaele they will start an audio research by recording while diving together in the Grevelingenmeer, where one of the Dutch ‘dead zones’ is located.