Where an instrument meet its audience in a lab

Knurl lab, is a laboratory of artistic practices grounded inside an instrument: Knurl, (an hybrid, solar powered and reprogrammable cello) is best conceived not merely as an object but as an ever-evolving exploration for music practices, an attempt to enhance a hybrid instrument (acoustic-electronic) by incorporating social practices, sonic concepts, audience engagement and sustainability within the body of the instrument itself.

Project mission

Through Knurl and the promotion of new music practices, we hope to shake up and dislodge for new assumptions about how music is bought, sold, commodified, shared and experienced. We hope to design a tool that can interact socially with local audiences, share the creativity choices between performer and audiences and promote a wealthier approach for the music industry.

Knurl is less a fixed, permanent object than an ongoing mode of artistic investigation, a means of exploring the social, ethical, cultural, sustainable and political implications of music-making, and uncovering solutions for some of the barriers that composers and performers face today.

the future of instrumental practice connected to an absurd vision about education, creativity, environmental and social impact.

Tim Horvath - author of Understories


Musical Instruments and its practice can affect an diverse and wide range of fields between science, culture and education.

We are inspired to find a new role of innovative practices and theirs audiences by approaching its 'nucleum' : a musical instrument". This projects involves an artistic search with:





Artistic quality

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