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Knurl lab is a music research laboratory with the pursuit of innovative discoveries between classic music, technology and social impact. An attempt to encounter new paths of artistic freedom through Shareability, Customization, Ownership, Acessibility, Autonomy, Sustainability, AI and Integration.

the future of music practice connected to an absurd vision about education, creativity, environmental and social impact.

Tim Horvath - author of Understories

1, 2, 3... lauching Project mission

Through the promotion of new music practices, we hope to promote experiences involving innovative approaches that can share the experience of music creation between performers and local audiences, promoting a closer and wealthier approach for musicians and a new system model in the music industry.

Those projects are an ongoing mode of artistic investigation, shared with music makers, users and producers for exploring the social, ethical, cultural, sustainable and political implications of music-making in this century, and uncovering solutions for some of the barriers that music makers and performers face today.

a lab, an impact

We are inspired to find a new role of innovative practices and theirs audiences. And our favorite lab is the stage!

Music practice can affect an diverse and wide range of fields between science, culture and education. Our initiatives are documented in these website and our expertise can also offer you guidance to your own path:

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