Knurl is an instrument-interface exploring concepts of interactivity and polyphony in the practice of a bowed string instrument. It is a creation of the composer and cellist Rafaele Andrade, it runs and modifies live synthesis sounds while autonomous and interactive systems can influence it. Knurl can be considered:

Sensor-based string instrument:

The strings become a trigger to play, stop, plan or set controllers for sound

Multiple voice control interface:

The ability to control multiple voices determining different goals, agent and controllers for each sound

Semi-Autonomous instrument:

The ability to cooperate with its context and readapt into its boundaries

What we do

Knurl lab explores how the creative choices can be shared, owned and integrated in music practice and performance.

We are motivated to build knowledge about creating new experimental electroacoustic instruments / artworks in a deep connection to our envirenvironment and commucommunity. An open investigation format of collaborative Research and development, try-outs and concerts exploring the digital limitations of music-making, and uncovering solutions for some of technical barriers that composers and performers face today by the application of digital tools.


To explore new ways to play music reflecting and representing solutions, ethical concepts and constructive relationships between music makers and listeners

To support artists, their innovations and contributions to the future of music, science, culture and education



Albums, Artworks and performances


Developement of Reprogrammability and its sound design, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Spatialization.


Web browser for audiences to control electroacoustic instruments



Instrument case